Which Rooms does EliteHUD support?

Poker Room FreeSeatAlert   GrinderTools   PLO 5/6   MTT   Windows app   Player ID   LDPlayer9   Plan 
ClubGG - yes yes - yes - yes E
COP yes yes - - - yes A or B
CoinPoker - yes yes - yes - E
DPZX yes yes - - - yes A or B
FishPoker (Fishpoker.net) yes yes - - - yes yes E
HeroPoker - yes yes - - yes yes E
HHPoker aka PokerMaster  yes yes - - - - A or B
MrPoker yes yes yes - - yes E
PandaPoker yes yes - - - yes A or B
Poker2U - yes yes - - yes E
PokerBros - yes yes yes - yes yes E
PokerHUB - yes yes - - yes yes E
PokerKingAsia yes yes - - - yes yes A or B
PokerRoomOnline yes yes - - - yes yes A or B
Pokerrrr 2 - yes yes - - yes yes E
PokerTime yes yes - - - yes A or B
PokerWorld - - - - - yes A or B
Pokio yes yes yes - - yes yes E
PPPoker / KKPoker - yes yes yes yes yes E
Ruler yes yes - - - yes A or B
Suprema Poker - yes yes - yes yes yes E
UPoker - yes yes - yes yes E
WePoker yes yes - - - yes yes A or B
WePokerHall yes yes - - - yes A or B
WePokerPlus - - - - - yes A or B
X-Poker yes yes yes - yes yes yes E

Supported Android Emulators:
LDPlayer version 4
LDPlayer version 9, not all rooms
-- Tips to speed up your Android emulator
NoxPlayer Android 7
-- Useful Tips to Speed up NoxPlayer And Get Better Performance

  • Holdem Manager 2/3: Support for Holdem Manager 2 and Holdem Manager 3. Shows the HUD based on converted hands.
  • PokerTracker 4: Support for PokerTracker 4. Shows the HUD based on converted hands.
  • H2N  H2N native support through H2N API. Shows H2N HUD.
  • STARS: Hands are saved in PokerStars format.
  • Free Seat Alert: Alerts when free seat available on earlier full table.
  • Emulator: Android emulator supported.
  • Android VPN: If using Android VPN supported.

PPPoker multitabling is supported only with the Windows desktop version. If using emulator, you need to open one instance per one table.

PokerTime, UPoker & WePoker while playing with H2N write hands into PKDOM-room database.

PokerHUB with H2N whites hands into OH POKER database.

PokeroomOnline with H2N whites hands into PokerCommunity database.

Can't find your room in the list?

Feel free to contact us with corresponding request: help@elitehud.com

In your email please refer to the room name/website/download link and any additional information which could be helpful for initial review. We will definitely reply you back.

Does EliteHUD working with VPN?

Yes, our converters work with any OpenVPN compatible configurations. Find below some popular VPN solutions and corresponding instructions for making it OpenVPN compatible:

How many tables I may play at the same time with EliteHUD running?

There is no limitation imposed by converter. Maximum number of tables fully depend on your PC/laptop hardware resources.

Do you support ShortDeck play?

Yes, but only on ClubGG, PokerBros, SupremaPoker, Poker2U, PPPoker, PokerHUB, PokerTime, WePoker, WePokerPlus.

Does EliteHUD support tourneys?

SNG, SPIN support is added for PokerBros only. For the rest rooms with play tourneys hands won't be written so it won't affect stats you have. If you need these games support for other room please contact us at help@elitehud.com

What is the price for converter?

With purchasing one license you get access to ALL our products.

Price depends on stakes you play.

  • Plan A, stakes 2/4/8¥ and less, 1 month: $29
  • Plan B, any stakes, 1 month: $49
  • Plan E, any stakes ClubGG, CoinPoker, HeroPoker, MrPoker, Poker2U, PokerBros, PokerHUB, Pokerrrr 2, Pokio, PPPoker / KKPoker, Suprema Poker, UPoker, X-Poker + Asian apps stakes 2/4/8¥ and less, 1 month: $39

License code is auto-generated with registration and always may be found on your Dashboard.

License code format: EHLICxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What are the payment options for subscription?

With purchasing one license you get access to ALL our products.

We accept BTC, USDT and PayPal.

You may renew the service with "Buy or renew subscription" button on your Dashboard.

Do you have discounts or promotions?

With 3 months purchase we provide 10% discount.

What is the refund policy?

In case software works stable with no issues we do 50% refund for the license which is used less or equal to 14 days. Otherwise, refund is not supposed.

When software is not operational or does not work as expected please contact help@elitehud.com for assistance.

Can I use my subscription on two computers (ex. PC & laptop)?

You can use it on multiple devices. It's not allowed to run more than one converter instance with the same license token simultaneously.

I have subcription "Plan A" but would like to upgrade to "Plan B". How to proceed?

You may simply arrange purchase request from your Dashboard as usually and select Plan B. Subscription would be converted automatically in this case. Or may arrange that for you per request. Please contact us at help@elitehud.com.

Is there Affiliate program available?

Absolutely, you may participate in affiliate program and sign players under your account. In this case you can receive 20% ongoing from every successful recommendation. Affiliate Credits can be used to receive discounts. Alternatively you can cash it out (Skrill, Neteller, Btc). Affiliate link can be found under Affiliate tab in your account at https://elitehud.com/.

For addiitonal information please refer to this video tutorial.

We can not get your subscription details from our server.

Q. I've getting following message when trying to start your converter:

We can not get your subscription details from our server. Try to run again in two minutes. Quite probably this is a connection related problem.

A. Please make sure no antivirus or antimalware protection affect converter launch. Looks like something stopping it from the start. Try to switch such software off for test or make an exception done for our product in configuration.

Alternatively, please contact our support team.

"Your license is not valid", what should I do?

Please note, starting from Jan 6 2020 EliteHUD license scheme has been changed and currently one license works for all supported products. New license format is the following:

License code: EHLICxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It's stored in elitehudlic.txt file and always may be found on your Dashboard.

Does NoteCaddy work with your converter?

Yes it works but needs additional adjustment to your license token to support NoteCaddy. Please contact our support directly if you would like to play with NoteCaddy and provide your current active converter license token.

Does EliteHUD support PokeIt HUD?

Yes, POKEIT tracker is supported.

Where is tracker hands archive location?

Default location:

  • Hold'em Manager: C:\HMArchive
  • Hold'em Manager 2: C:\HM2Archive
  • Hand2Note (Asia): C:\Hand2NoteHH
  • PokerTracker 3: C:\Users\OWNER\AppData\Local\PokerTracker 3\Processed
  • PokerTracker 4: C:\Users\OWNER\AppData\Local\PokerTracker 4\Processed

Does EliteHUD support H2N version 4?

H2N 4 version is not officially supported. It's still in the beta phase and there is no public API for proper external services work with it.